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UX Experience Testing

UX Lab is an innovative and enabling tool for government entities to optimize their digital applications and services through a user simulated test environment. The UX Lab’s human-centric approach focuses on interface design, usability, and quality of information to engage customers in every stage of digital services development.

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UX Lab Impact


UX Lab Experiences


Enhances Government Websites’ Performance

It helps enhance the digital presence of government entities, usability and performance of the product or website.

Guarantees User-Friendly Websites and Apps

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging direct user feedback to improve self-service, customer journey experiences and reduce errors.

Ensures User Satisfaction

Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by leveraging direct user feedback to improve self-service and customer journey experiences.

Understands Target Users

Helps understand capabilities and limitations of humans generally and the entity's target audience more precisely.

Improves Self-Service

Improves self-service and customer journeys for eServices, mServices, channels and apps.

How it works

Behavioral Analysis

The UX Lab applies advanced methods to support the development of websites and mobile applications for government entities based on users' reactions and preferences, taking into account usability and accessibility.

It examines the reactions of a sample of users selected according to the entity's requirements to develop its digital platforms. The entity identifies the specification of this sample, such as gender, nationality, language, and social and educational backgrounds.

While users browse, the UX Lab monitors the test group's reactions using the latest technologies, such as an eye- tracking system. A globally proven scientific scheme is then applied to identify the user's behavior when searching for information or obtaining digital services.

Enhancing Services

The UX Lab supports government entities to develop and enhance services and websites quickly and accurately. The testing process covers all technical and technological aspects, including overall design, dashboard, menus, colors, and fonts.

Feedback and recommendations are continuously collected from the system to ensure the best digital services. Following testing, the government entity is provided with a detailed report on recommended improvements to the website or app and innovative solutions that can be implemented.

For Federal Entities

Government entities can request UX Lab service by contacting us.

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Loki Bright Loki Bright

The process of enabling digital transformation takes into account the latest development and technologies that facilitate people’s lives and provide them with services around the clock.

H.E Eng. Mohammad Al Zarooni Deputy Director General of the Information & Digital Government Sector, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority

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