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UAE Pass

Secure national digital identity

UAE Pass enables immediate and secure login for citizens, residents and visitors in the UAE, allowing access to over 6,000 services from government, semi-government, and private sector entities through a single account.

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UAE Pass Impact

7.13 Million

Registered users




Service providers


Digital channels


Secure Sign in

Sign into multiple websites and apps with one account by simply validating access through your smartphone.

Digital Signatures

Utilise UAE Pass for digital signing or verification of documents, and to complete official transactions.


Request Official Documents

Securely request and use digital versions of official documents with various service providers.


Unified Account Access

Prevents the need for multiple usernames and passwords to access government and private sector websites and services.

Optimal Traceability and Security

UAE Pass is powered by blockchain technology, ensuring optimal security for citizens, residents and visitors.

How to Register

Download UAE Pass

UAE Pass can be downloaded on Apple Store or Google Play.

Register & Create an Account

For UAE citizens and residents, you must have a valid Emirates ID and an active UAE mobile number.


Register using your Emirates ID number, verify your identity using facial recognition and set a security pin. Or you can visit the nearest UAE Pass kiosk with your Emirates ID.

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Don’t have an Emirates ID?

Visitors can use the app by authenticating their information through other official identity documents, including passports, or if you are a Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) citizen or resident, National ID can be used to create an account.


Once you have downloaded UAE Pass and created an account, you can access the following features of the app:

Sign into any government website or service through a single account

Secure easy and immediate access with a single digital identity to thousands of local and federal government and private sector services across the UAE.

Sign all your government documents digitally

Open the app and tap ‘Sign Document’. Then, upload the document you want and sign it using your phone's touchscreen. You can then download the signed document as a PDF.

Store and share all your official documents in a ‘Digital Vault’

UAE Pass ‘Digital Vault’ stores all your documents in one place to share digitally with government departments. The digital vault is powered by blockchain technology, so digital documents are stored safely and securely.

Open the app and tap on ‘Add Documents’. Select the government department that issues the document. Once verified, the digital document will be saved in the ‘Digital Vault’ under the ‘Documents’ section.

Verify Signature

UAE Pass enables signature verification.

Open the app and tap 'Verify Signature', upload the document to verify.


UAE Pass is a single digital identity for citizens, residents and visitors to access local and federal governments and private sectors across the UAE. It simplifies administrative procedures, augmenting client experiences through one account.

UAE Pass meets the highest standards of security, confidentiality, and accuracy of information to speed up processes and improve user experience.

Government entities can request access to the UAE Pass through the following process:

Step 1

Log in using your UAE Pass account

Step 2

Attend a virtual training course about the UAE Pass at Academy website.

Step 3

Complete the survey and use case

Step 4

Sign a UAE Pass MOU

Step 5

Pass the preparation test

Step 6

Pass the preparation evaluation

Step 7

Send the Go-Live Request

Step 8

The request to be approved by TDRA

Step 9

Get the link to the UAE Pass service

Find Out More

How to set up the digital signature service within your system

Contact our support team for assistance in implementing the digital signature service within your system.

How to enable users to share official digital documents in the ‘Digital Vault’

Contact our support team to assist in enabling access to digital documents through the 'Digital Vault.'

Loki Bright Loki Bright

The process of enabling digital transformation takes into account the latest development and technologies that facilitate people’s lives and provide them with services around the clock.

H.E Eng. Mohammad Al Zarooni Deputy Director General of the Information & Digital Government Sector, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority

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UAE Pass is the first secure national digital identity for citizens and residents of the UAE. The app enables registered individuals to access more than 6,000 services from government, semi-government and private sector entities through their respective websites and apps. Users can digitally sign and authenticate documents and transactions, and request digital versions of official documents, which can then be used to access various services.

Download the UAE Pass application and register for an account. Verify your account (only for Emirates ID card holders) using face verification on the mobile app or visit the nearest UAE Pass kiosk with your Emirates ID.

Verify your UAE Pass account through the face verification feature on the app, or visit the nearest UAE Pass, or use your existing (verified) SmartPass or DubaiID account to upgrade your account.

You can change your email address once you login into your account via the website, UAE Pass application, or at a kiosk. Click on 'account' and choose the option to edit your email address. Once you change your email address, you will receive an OTP to verify it

You can change your mobile number on the UAE Pass application & website by navigating to account > personal details > edit your mobile number. Enter your new mobile number to receive an SMS with an OTP to verify it.

Reinstall UAE Pass and choose 'I have an account' option, verify your mobile and email through OTP, and create a new PIN number.

Please visit the nearest UAE Pass kiosk with your Emirates ID and follow the instructions provided on the kiosk screen. Remember that Face verification is also available on the mobile app.

You can reset your Digital Signature password through the UAE Pass app by selecting 'Account,' then 'Reset Signing Password,' or by visiting the nearest kiosk and choosing 'Digital Signing' and 'Renew' under 'Qualified Signing.' This will allow you to set a new password and a new Qualified Signature.

You cannot apply for services from the UAE Pass mobile application; instead, you must visit the service provider's website, app portal or application and log in using UAE Pass to access their services.

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