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UAE Verify

A digital platform for instant document verification

UAE Verify is a digital platform that enables citizens and residents to secure instant verification of Digital Trusted Documents issued by government entities. It verifies the document's authenticity, integrity and validity from the official source. Powered by blockchain, the platform is secure, tamper-proof and in real-time.

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UAE Verify Impact


Digital Trusted Documents

9.5+ Million

Digital Trusted Documents Issued


Digital Trusted Documents Verified


Entities Issuing Trusted Digital Documents


Document Verification

Enables document owners to verify their digital documents.

Credibility Assurance

Enables service authorities to digitally verify the credibility of documents.

How to use

Verify the authenticity, integrity and validity of your digital document by visiting UAE Verify website.


Individuals can request a Digital Trusted Document from UAE Verify Partners’ channel or request it through the UAE PASS app.

Document owners are then able to share these documents with third parties via multiple online platforms.


Individuals receiving a Digital Trusted Document can verify its authenticity, integrity, and validity directly from the official UAE Verify Platform by uploading the document.

Additionally, recipients have the option to verify the Digital Trusted Document by scanning its QR code using the UAE PASS app, as provided by the document owner.


UAE VERIFY platform will check the Digital Trusted Document hash registered on the Blockchain and verify that the document comes from the official source and has not been tampered with.

UAE VERIFY also provides real-time status of the document life cycle from the official source to identify if the document is authentic and valid.

Add your digital documents to UAE Verify

Government entities can add digital documents to UAE Verify by becoming UAE Verify partners. To register your interest, contact us 

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The process of enabling digital transformation takes into account the latest development and technologies that facilitate people’s lives and provide them with services around the clock.

H.E Eng. Mohammad Al Zarooni Deputy Director General of the Information & Digital Government Sector, Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority

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A document issued by UAE Verify partners, where its data is digested into a hash and recorded on blockchain. This generates a footprint that UAE Verify can always verify.

With the increasing popularity of digital services and the need for secure ways to share data, Digital Trusted Document and UAE Verify enable an easy, quick and tamper-proof mechanism for service providers to independently verify the authenticity and validity of documents without the need to review the content or ask for a hardcopy.

It will contain instructions on the bottom of the document itself (footer), along with the UAE Verify logo.

You can get a Digital Trusted Document from:

  1. UAE Verify partners through their respective channels to request issuance or renewal of the actual document.
  2. UAE PASS by adding it into your account post-issuance or renewal of the document from the official source.

You can share your Digital Trusted Document with any third party for verification:

  1. Independently, through any messaging system of your choice.
  2. From UAE Pass App, using the sharing option.

You can verify a Digital Trusted Document source, integrity and validity by:

  1. Dragging and dropping or uploading the document in UAE Verify verification field
  2. Scanning the QR code of the document presented through UAE Pass app

Document contents and personal data are not stored on the blockchain. A hash (a unique digital code) is generated from the document and is used to prove that the document is legitimate. Since the hash is the only information stored into the blockchain, no personal information can be obtained from content on the blockchain.

In every blockchain-based Digital Trusted Document, there is a hash, a unique digital code to verify that the document's contents have not been altered.

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