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API First Guideline

API First Guideline

Considered to be a comprehensive guide in designing and developing the APIs for the UAE government entities, the API-first approach is a calculated move towards the digital transformation initiative. The document aims at empowering the entities and vendors in API implementation while enhancing the acceleration in the development of government APIs

Main Components

API Fundamentals

This section considers the business and operational context for APIs within the UAE government and articulates the principles and considerations that may impact a government entity when creating APIs

API Management and Operations

Includes full lifecycle management of APIs includes development, deployment, releases, and access management, and covers the actual delivery of the services to the service levels advertised

Service Level Agreement Guidelines

Describes potential SLA’s that need to be considered to ensure successful API governance, including Service Performance, Information Exchange, Change Management, and Incident Management SLA’s

Technical Guidelines

Describes recommended protocols when implementing an API, supported features, error handling, logging, and API documentation

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